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Since 1992, Dorson Community Foundation has touched the lives of countless inner-city youth in Essex and surrounding countries. Many of our alums have gone on to college and beyond to further pursue their goals and become change-agents in their communities.

If you’re an alum of Dorson Community Foundation, we want to hear from you! Let us know how Dorson touched your life by filling out our
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Joseph Powell

Bradman University, 2015 

East Orange Campus High School, 2004

Majored in Computer Science 

Currently a Special Agent for the Department of Defense 

In His Own Words: 

Mrs. Sonia Scott was one of the many rocks and foundation in making all things possible in my life. She was one of many individuals who opened up my aperture in believing that achieving anything in life is possible so long as it’s followed by hard work and dedication.

The most memorable moment I can recall is meeting up with all my friends, and spending the Saturday’s together. The take away was being able to get away from my environment (neighborhood) to enter a safe place (DCF).

Vanessa Aryee

New York University, 2022

East Orange STEM Academy, 2018

Majoring in Biomolecular Science

Aspiring Pediatric Psychiatrist

In Her Own Words: 

Dorson Community Foundation provided me with a lot of college readiness skills through all their different workshops. I was able to start polishing a professional resume before I even had any actual job experience. I remember a talk we had about time-management which honestly made me start to change my mindset in preparation for college.


As a high school student, I was used to assignments that didn't take that much organizing to finish to my best ability but Dorson prepared me for the fact that college was going to be entirely different. I feel that my time-management skills are my most important asset at college because without it I would be buried with assignments and overcome with  stress.

Andrew Coates

College of New Jersey, 2023

Orange High School, 2019

Majoring in Communication Studies 

Aspiring Actor and Filmmaker 

In His Own Words 

The Cornell Summer Program had the biggest impact on me for giving me a real college experience unlike any other I had before that. Cornell helped me to get easily acclimated to the real college experience and living on campus.

I would like to acknowledge everyone at DCF who contributed to my success, especially the dream team that is the Scott ladies!

Faith Christian 

College of New Jersey, 2023

Technology High School, 2019

Majoring in Computer Science 

Aspiring Attorney with an interest in technology

In Her Own Words: 

Since being in Dorson Community Foundation I have participated in SAT preparation, Cornell Summer Program, and the Student Diplomacy Program. I have had many memorable moments within those programs that Dorson Community Foundation has paired me with and it has positively impacted my outlook on success and the world outside of my hometown. I enjoyed the Fundraisers which has allowed me to meet many well respected people in my community that I can look up to and it has allowed me to tell my story and thank the people that have contributed to the good cause of Dorson Community Foundation.

Kamari Snow

New Jersey Institute of Technology, 2023

Newark Tech, 2019

Majoring in Electrical Engineering

Aspiring Electronic Innovator 

In His Own Words: 

DCF played a major part in assisting my academic and overall preparedness for college. I learned a lot of soft skills, and I sharpened  my math skills using DCF.

Sonia Scott is my second mother. She has assisted my development the most since I've been apart of DCF.

Salomine Ekambi

College of New Jersey, 2022

East Orange STEM Academy, 2018

Majoring in Public Health 

Aspires to working for an International Non-Profit Organization 

In Her Own Words: 

The Cornell Summer Program gave me a real glimpse of college life and the rigorous work. Coming into college after being previously exposed to college life made the transition from high school to freshman year much smoother.

Sonia and Natasha Scott have both been extremely helpful, resourceful and kind since I gotten involved with DCF.




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