Dorson Scholars Program


In November 2019, we launched the Dorson Scholars Program, a tuition-free, four year, college prep program, to offer more structured and impactful support to our students. Each year, a cohort of 20 Dorson Scholars engage in year-round programming beginning in the ninth grade.

 Our 5 Core Pillars 

Our cohort-based, four-year program is anchored in our Dorson Scholars Curriculum, a holistic model comprised of five core pillars. These pillars are designed to develop our students into self-actualized individuals and agents of change in their communities with maximized postsecondary and career success.

Pillar 1

 Self Actualization


Pillar 2

 Post-secondary Exposure, Readiness, and Access

Pillar 3 

Career Awareness & Professional Development

Pillar 4

Service-Learning and Community Engagement

Pillar 5

 Transformative Summer Experiences


Each pillar is actively reflected in the scholar's journey through different programs and enrichment opportunities.

A Scholar's Journey


College Readiness Course 

  • Workshops covering: study habits, time-management, public speaking and more

  • SAT prep, college advising, application support and seminars discussing college admission

Career Development Course 

  • Workshops covering: resume writing, networking, professional communications and more

  • Guest speakers from a wide variety of industries and careers 

  • Chance to leverage networks into mentorship and internship opportunities

Group Advising 

  • Support of the whole person, not just the student 

  • Discussions around self-advocacy, self-care, stress management, and more


STEM Enrichment Workshops

  • Hands-on project-based workshops and exposure  to the STEM academic and career pipeline

Community Service Projects

  • Participation in Feed the Homeless & Toys for Tot Initiatives every fall and winter

    • Chance to plan, coordinate, and execute a spring community give-back initiative.


College Immersion Program

Travel Abroad Program

  • All-expenses-paid scholarships through the Student Diplomacy Corps to travel abroad to countries such as Albania, China, Italy, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, and Uruguay

STEM Internship Program

  • Chance to earn a full-time paid internship with Tenna, an Internet of Things (IoT) tech company in Edison, NJ

At the conclusion of their four years with the Dorson Scholars Program, students will have developed a sense of personal, college and career awareness while possessing the tools and self-confidence to succeed in college and beyond.

Recap of Year 1 of the Dorson Scholars Program (Class of 2023)

This is a celebration of the first year with our first cohort of Dorson Scholars,  Class of 2023. Here, we showcase highlights of 2019-2020 with our Scholars.

Recruitment for the Dorson Scholars Program has been postponed to Spring 2021. 

Support our Dorson Scholars

To impact change in a community requires the support of generous and compassionate neighbors who believe in the need for change. 

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