Meet Fatiyah: A Dorson Scholar

Meet Fatiyah!

Besides the tiara, Fatiyah gets a kick out of building and designing things. This fosters her interest in Electrical Engineering. She is a natural leader, and even though she is highly focused, Fatiyah LOVES to sleep and play video games.

What are some of your hobbies?

Some of my hobbies would be cooking, baking, writing, watching anime, reading, playing video games, editing, solving puzzles

What genre of music do you like?

The genres of music I am interested in would be Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop.

What is your favorite movie?


Who is your favorite actor/artist/celebrity? Why?

My favorite artist/celebrity is J. Cole. I believe he’s my favorite because I love all of his music and he is very good in his work area, he is also inspirational and a role model. Overall he’s a great guy.

If you use social media, which is your most preferred?

I think my most preferred platform would be YouTube. Everything nowadays is on YouTube, if you have a problem you can search it up and it’ll most likely be there. It’s very easy to access and manage.

Cake or ice cream?

If I had to choose between the two, I’d pick Cake.

Would you like to live to 100? Why or why not?

I would only like to live to 100 if my well being was okay, I wouldn't wanna be 100 and unhealthy, or dying. I’d wanna be able to still do certain things and activities, I want to be 100 and still able to support my kids or grandkids.

If you won 1 million dollars today, what would you do with it?

If I won 1 million dollars today honestly I’d donate to charity, a masjid, and people in need, such as homeless people, people without work or pay, hungry children, etc. I’d want them to be taken care of before myself or the people I know who already have these things.

If you could choose a superpower, what would you choose?

If I could choose a superpower it would be to control earth’s elements. There isn’t just 1 power that I’d really want, so I would like to have a power that is able to control more than one thing such as fire, waster, wind earth. Basically be mother nature.

Who/What is your inspiration? Why?

I believe my future is my inspiration. I want to have a good future, I constantly think about how it will end up and my plans for it. So I’d say my future inspires me to do better now to ensure that it will be good.

If you could send a message to your 30 year old self, what would it be?

If I could send a message to my 30 year old self, I’d ask did I at least achieve the personal and somewhat essential goals I set for myself. Such as having a family, pursuing my career, having my own house, my dream car. I’d ask if I’m happy with where I am now.

What are your three greatest takeaways from the Dorson Scholars Program after completing year one?

The three greatest takeaways from the Dorson Scholars Program after completing year one would be that networking is important . You need people who you are able to trust, and people who you can depend on for support and care, you also need people to help you reach other people. Next thing would be that self-advocacy is definitely essential. It can open up so many opportunities or just be very informative when confused about something. It taught me that it’s okay to ask questions, and that’s it’s completely fine to ask for help from time to time. The third greatest takeaway is that your brand is a key factor. You want people to think positively and greatly of you when you’re not there. You want to be known for doing something/saying something, or wanting to do something that ultimately leaves a good impression on people. Those are my greatest takeaways.

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