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Since 2017, Dorson Community Foundation has partnered with the Student Diplomacy Corps to provide select students with a once-in-lifetime, all-expenses paid, four-week summer immersion experience to Albania, Chile, China, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Spain, or Uruguay.


We are seeking volunteers to help with student tracking and follow-ups, as well as to provide mentorship and internship opportunities for this cohort. 


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Scholarship 2021 Info

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Donations go towards providing spending money for the students, contributing to transportation costs and school supplies, as well as program resources and marketing.

Program Testimonials


East Orange Campus HS, 2019

The Student Diplomacy Corps program allowed me to see my future and education in a different way. Education is not about sitting behind a book all day, but it’s also about exploring and finding out new things. By traveling to China, I got to experience a culture way different than mine. I enjoyed my time spent with the host families both in the city and village and also trying new foods, learning a new language, and learning about Chinese culture.


Technology High School, 2019

Student Diplomacy Corps has been a gateway to my future. My time in New Zealand opened my eyes to the real problems we need to solve in today’s society. I had the opportunity to have conversations and make relationships with Māori people who have been a big part of change in their communities. I was able to try new foods and do activities that I would not have ever tried. The nature in New Zealand is absolutely beautiful and the Māori people are inspiring.


East Orange Stem Academy, 2019

Traveling to Japan with the Student Diplomacy Corps was such a monumental part of my life. It ultimately changed my life forever. From all the amazing people I met, all the food I ate and all the interesting things I learned about Japanese culture. I can honestly say I’m not the same person I was when I first boarded the plane to Japan. I have an entirely new perspective on life and I view the entire world differently. Sofia Couwenbergh once said “Travel is getting to know yourself by facing new experiences." I now know so much more about myself and it’s all because of the Student Diplomacy Corps and Dorson Community Foundation




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