Toys for Tots


Since 2000, Dorson Community Foundation has had the mission to put a smile on every child’s face come Christmas morning. Each year, the Foundation collects monetary donations from corporations and businesses throughout the community and uses the contributions to purchase hundreds of toys, which are wrapped, organized, and distributed to needy children.


We provide over 300 toys and 50 winter coats to low-income families every holiday season. Furthermore, our Dorson Scholars volunteer wrapping and distributing toys in an effort to teach them the value of serving others and giving back to their communities.



We are seeking volunteers to help with purchasing, wrapping, organizing, and/or distributing toys, as well as marketing the event throughout the community.


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Donations go towards the purchase of toys, wrapping paper, tape, and other supplies, as well as event marketing.

Program Testimonials


Kent Place School, 2014

Drexel University, 2018

Volunteering with Toys for Tots throughout the years taught me both to be appreciative of things I take for granted in life, and to always value giving back to my community. There is such a great feeling that comes with helping others, and Toys for Tots allowed me to meet and work with people who shared that same sentiment. I will always be grateful for the opportunity I had to be part of something so much bigger than myself, and the invaluable lessons I learned as a result.


East Orange STEM Academy, 2018

The College of New Jersey, 2022

There’s nothing more heartwarming than serving those who need. I’m glad I had the opportunity to get involved in my community and help out with Toy for Tots.